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Mar 02, 2016
Course Description:

This course offers hands-on opportunities to build and program robots. Working in small teams, students will design robotics systems to compete in fun real-world activities. Each day will bring a new challenge, and your team's robot will have to morph to better adapt and compete. This class is perfect for the student who has a big imagination and likes to build things.


Students who complete this course will gain valuable experience working with robotics and learning problem solving techniques that transcends beyond robotics.

Special Skills :

Students who complete this class will learn concepts in robotics and AI design. This class also teaches higher level thinking, problem solving, effective communication and gives students self-confidence to excel in other academic disciplines.

Who should take this course?

This class is perfect for students who like to build things and like to make things move. This course is the perfect mixture of hands-on instuction and basic programming language. If you like challenging your self to invent new and exciting things on the computer and in real life this is the class for you.

Course Detail

Duration 4 half days or 2 full days
Location 4+ locations
Tuition $150-$170 - *Cost Vary By Location
Age 10-17

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