YTI On Demand

Course Description:

This is a course that we offer to students who do not have a specific course offered at a time or location that they can attend. We work with the students to develop a schedule that works for them. The courses are taught in small groups or one on one and meet online. The classes are taught by one of our seasoned instructors that will guide the students through our course online. All though the student would not receive the YTI camp experience, they would still receive the same great curriculum and instruction.


We would love to offer all of our courses through this delivery method to give students flexibility?but we are unable to recreate some camp experiences through this method.

Courses we offer through YTI On Demand

Video Game Design Adv. Game Design 3D Game Design Web Design Animation Web Studio Animation Studio Movie Makers

Course Detail

Duration 4 half days or 2 full days
Location 0+ locations
Tuition $150-$185 depending on course - *Cost Vary By Location
Age 10-17

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